Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rays of Sunshine

It's a magazine wreath!

I had a giant (and I mean GIANT) stack of magazines around and I needed to throw them away, but because there were so many I felt kind of guilty, and wanted to do something useful with them. I googled and pinterested around for good magazine crafts and found some possibilities...magazine trivet, mag garbage can, mag picture frames....but nothing struck my fancy 

Then I happened upon this!

I found this here. and fell in love. Unfortunately after scouring the Internet, I couldn't find any how-to's, so I kind of had to wing it. I also knew I wanted something a little different because I really wanted to mirror in the middle. 

Start with a magazine you don't want or need anymore and rip the pages out. I went through and tried to rip out pages with compelling colors and not a lot of text. 

When you find your page, turn it over, and put glue in the far corner (away from where you ripped it out of the magazine) 

Then start rolling! It's easier if you use both hands, so everything stays even throughout the rolling. 

Now make a million of those! When you think you are done,  you aren't. You will need more I guarantee it. 

Once I finished that, I headed over to Michael's to get a wreath frame and a mirror, but as I linked, you can get this stuff on amazon. Just make sure they are similar in size, the Mirror being slightly bigger than wreath frame.

Then start tucking your rolls into the frame, going under and over. 

After i finished the whole circle i secured it with a glue gun.
Then I glued the mirror to a piece of cardboard that I took off a shoe box and cut to size. and glued that to the frame. I just used tooons of glue and even after I was done kept spot gluing it to make it as secure as possible

Then I hung it on my wall :) as the center piece above our table in the kitchen

That's all folks!  

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