Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Flower Power

When I moved into my apartment, I had a big space above my bed that was perfect for a sort of show piece. I was waiting until i happened upon something that caught my eye, but I couldn't really find anything that i liked or that matched my room. 

Right before my lovely roommate moved in I did a search on her Etsy page and had some major jealousy!! She does awesome crayon art and I just HAD to try it. 

  • Crayons - I used Crayola and stuck to greens yellows and browns, which makes sense as the stems, but if you are going to make something else get different colors (RAINBOW!!)
  • Foam board - mine it 20x30
  • Flowers - I got fake Gerber daisies because they are my favorite but any fake flowers are just fine. (Mine are from Michaels) 

I wanted the flowers to match my bed spread, which is why I got the yellow red and purple! 

Using a glue gun I glued the crayons into a line in a random pattern. I started off using a ruler to keep it straight but that got super annoying, so I just eyeballed it. The crayons started to get a little crooked so I had to keep making sure to stop and make sure it was still straight. I know hot glue dries fast, but it also peels off really easily so it's ok if you  need to do it more than once! 

And Voila! Crayons in a row! 

Held up with the crayons on tops, you are really supposed to use a heat gun but I didn't have one, so I used a blow dryer. Careful! You WILL get crayon everywhere (If you get it on the floor, heat it with the blow dryer and wipe while its still wet!)

After it dries (I let it sit over night) glue the flowers on!

First just place them to make sure the won't look stupid

then when you realize the first way was in fact stupid looking, readjust :)

fame it, hang it, and admire it!

that's all folks! 

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