Saturday, December 22, 2012

Playing with Paint

Recently I did a craft that required me to disassemble this clock: 

(don't worry that craft will be up soon! Let me assure you it was super cool) I was left with the silver ring/frame and the 2 hard plastic pieces:

I was all ready to throw them out, but I felt like it was a shame to waste a perfect circle that pretty much came with a frame. I was thinking of using cool scrapbook paper and maybe going for a picture frame look, but after having a tough week realized I needed to paint! I just started putting paint on paper and mixing crazy colors. I wasn't looking to create any real colors as much as I was looking to make a texture, so you could see the different colors I was combining.

Using about 15 different paint brushes I just started brushing the paints onto the circle, figuring if it ended up looking ridiculous I would throw it out. 


until I ended up with this! 

This was so easy, and really required no skills...I just painted until I felt like it looked cool (don't tell any of my art teachers I said that!)

I did the same thing with the other one, and next to each other they look like this:

I just hot glued around the ring and and placed the plastic circle in 

and voila! 

Got the OK from the roomates, and hung them in the little hallway we have adding a little more character around here :) 

Moral of the story, painting is fun and therapeutic, and ends in something new to hang on the wall! 

That's all folks! 

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