Tuesday, December 11, 2012

E is for Elana

My business The Main Events planned a Shalom Bat for my beautiful niece Elana. I have a bunch of cool crafts to post from that party, but I'm going to post my favorite and most last minute project first.

I was looking for something to do on the outside, to sort of bring people into the party and make sure people were already smiling even before they walked in.

After google-ing around, and checking my favorite resource  Pinterest i found this balloon wreath and thought it was incredibly cool and unique. In a burst of inspiration I ran to Michaels to get a foam wreath, which was suggested in the DIY post I found. Surrounded by all the Styrofoam I decided I wanted to make a giant E! It ended up looking like this:

The supplies were as follows: 

  • Balloons - like seriously a lot of them. I must have used 200 at least
  • Styrofoam - I used 5 rectangular pieces, if you want to make a circular one you will need the wreath shaped one. 
  • Pipe cleaners (get fun colors!)
  • Greening Pins - these are located in the gardening section. I got 3 boxes

Using a glue gun  a put the Styrofoam together to make an "E". I gave it a few minutes to dry, but since hot glue dries incredibly fast there wasn't really a wait time.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the actual fastening, but I grabbed a bunch of balloons together and attached them to the E by sticking the greening pins in. I did it pretty randomly  and just tried to make sure I didn't have too many of the same color near each other.

 The hardest part was making sure you couldn't see any of the white from any angle since I knew it would hang on the door, but all together it was a pretty simple project and added a lot to the event.

Last put not least I twisted pipe-cleaners around a pencil to make them squiggly

then pull!

I made a bunch of these and just stuck them all around the E

and that's all folks!

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