Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Makeup Magnet Miracle Board

This is my beloved makeup magnet board. It improves my life in so many ways.

I made this a while ago, before I even thought of starting a blog so I don't have the best pictures of it...sorry...you will have to bare with me. 

My makeup was driving me crazy! I didn't know what I had, and I was trying a MILLION ways to organize it. First I bought a small plastic drawers like this one:

but it took up so much room, on my not-so-spacious dresser and I still couldn't really see what I had. For a couple months I was looking for just the right solution...A collection of different cosmetic for different types of make-up, or maybe an old school Kaboodle?

After a while I came across this:

The perfect solution! Off to goodwill it is!    

I found a frame that I really liked that was all in the gross brown color you see in the corner

the picture inside it looked like this:

pretty, no?

I stopped at the hardware store, and asked for white and purple paint, originally planning to paint it white first, just to make sure  you couldn't see through to the weird brown, and then topping it in white. I also picked up a 1" paintbrush.  

I honestly don't know that much about paint, so in hindsight this could have gone really poorly for me but I just sort of went with it. At a craft store I probably would have been REALLY overwhelmed with the choices of paint, so my local hardware store was just easier for me.

I put plastic table cloth over my floor, to avoid stains and painted the base white (the Popsicle sticks were to mix the paint, it just looked like it needed mixing when I opened it)

yep thats the same picture as before!

As I mentioned I was going to paint it all purple, but because I was using a big paintbrush it naturally didn't fill in all the details and I just fell in love with how it looked so left it white, in those areas.

When I picked up the frame I also got this handy-dandy magnet board. I actually ran around goodwill looking for magnet so I could make sure it was magnetic! 

 I needed a fabric to lay over it and remembered that when I got my bed set, it came with pillow cases for a European Sham (those two in the back) 

Can you believe I googled "red and orange Macy's bed in a bag and mine came up third!?!

Since my bed has PLENTY of pillows, I never felt the need to get the European Shams, so the cases have been sitting in my closet waiting for me to do something crafty with them...Guess what happened next??

Overjoyed that my make-up board would match exactly with my bed (which you can't tell from the picture but is kind of its own special red) I cut the pillow case apart and glued the fabric onto the magnet board.

In this picture you can kind of see the lines, but they don't really show up when there isn't a camera flash directed towards it

OK, so that's the board. After that I went to Staple's and picked up a whole bunch of small circular magnets likes these:

I hot glued them to the backs of my make up appliques, some required one, and some required  more. My Nars blush and bronzer were both magnetic, so I didn't need to glue the magnets onto those. 

I added one magnet to hold a bunch of bobby pins and then I was done! 

It looks like I have no makeup, but I'm actually using the board as a way to put up the make up I actually use, because when I started emptying out my case I realized I have a million of each thing, so I use the good old plastic drawer to store the makeup doubles, and will put them up when this stuff runs out! 

I still have 3 cups on my dresser holding eyeliners  mascara, lip gloss and tools but it takes up way less space then it used to and is all organized so I can see!

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