Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Picture Perfect

 I got this picture frame at goodwill for a different craft that didn't go as planned. I wanted to use it as a regular picture frame, but as you can see it's majorly dirty!

Enter: yarn! I got this one at Michael's and specifically chose it because it changes color

With a glue gun I glued the yarn into the corner of the frame 

 Then I started wrapping the yarn around the frame

 Just keep going, making sure to tighten the yarn as you go

After an hour of wrapping it will look like this: 

Since I had so much left over yarn I wanted to add some pom-poms to the frame

Before you start leave about 8 inches of yarn on the side, for a later step. 
Then wrap the yarn around 3 fingers. This is a mini pom-pom so I wrapped it around 20-25 times

Carefully remove the wrap from your fingers and place it on the pre-cut piece of yarn from before

Then tie a tight not, so it looked like this: 

Stick a sharp scissor through the loops and cut!

Do the other side the same way

Trim it so it's even and you will have mini pom-pom! 

I made two more, that were bigger - wrapping it 40-45 times instead of 20.
Then I glued them in the corners with a glue gun, used scrapbook paper for the background, pasted the picture and presto! Picture frame!! 

It even looks legit among my other frames...WIN!

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